👋 Hi, I'm Lawrence! Some people call me Law for short.

I'm a technical people person with professional experience as a builder and leader. I've worked with teams around the world to deliver important cross-functional integrations.

Outside work, I'm a traveler, amateur musician, newsletter curator, and doggo aficionado.

Technical Program Manager Delivering on strategic, technical, and external programs across Product Engineering organizations. Stints with Driver, Rider, U4B, and Uber Eats.
Most recently shipped the Cornershop integration. Skills: stakeholder alignment & comms, product strategy, execution & timeline ownership

Senior Software Engineer Built apps and tools for merchants, resellers, developers, and other customers of the Poynt payments ecosystem, usually from zero to one. Skills: web engineering, product development, rapid iteration, culture champion

Product Engineer Intern Created merchant-facing interfaces for ecommerce solutions. Assisted in migration to React. Skills: agile development, React, design thinking

Software Engineering Intern Piloted Bing and Cortana integrations with the MSN Entertainment team. Skills: version control at scale, code reviews, test-driven development

B.S. Computer Science Graduated class of 2016. Tutored for CSE 8A, Intro to Java. Skills: continuous education, making friendships to last a lifetime

Based in San Francisco, CA.
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